Cinema Day

A few weeks ago Paddy and I did a cinema day. We haven’t done one in so long and to be honest we were wondering whether we would be able to fit more than one film in, well we did – we saw 3!

I had pre-booked all our seats on the Monday so we were ready to rock and roll. Strangely though and it wasn’t until we started working our way through our mountain of tickets that I noticed I had booked Row E for the whole day. Even stranger, I had managed to book a particular flow of numbers. I’ll include the photo below but in case you can’t see it:

Dad’s Army
Seats E9, E10

Triple 9
Seats E7, E8

Seats E11, E12

I mean….what!!!! Clearly I have a thing about row E and also if only Triple 9 was before Dad’s Army they would have been in numerical order – spooky!

It was a full on day but a great one for several reasons – spending time just us too, being at the cinema and getting some films off our list – woo hoo! It was pretty intense though and the timings allowed us no time for a lunch break, but hey ho that’s film dedication for you.  So what did we think of the films we saw?

Originally I was going to do my standard blog post for each but however due to time and this already been a few weeks behind I’m going to do more of a simple chit-chat instead.

Dads Army – We saw this more for the nostalgia rather than it looking particularly good and even though it was enjoyable bless it, it didn’t really need to be made. It was sweet and had some funny moments but overall it just was a little pointless.

Triple 9 – Now this we really enjoyed. It has a great cast including Aaron Paul, Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anthony Mackie – oooh and Woody Harrelson and Kate Winslet. Crikey, you forget exactly how many great actors are in this. It was thrilling, you never knew who to really trust, it was great.

Grimsby – Dear Lord, enough said. No, it was funny, don’t get me wrong but it was for all the wrong reasons as you would expect.

So there we go, a bit short and sweet but complete all the same.

Take Care


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