Disneyland Paris – December 2015

Often I like to move away from films a little bit and ramble on about other stuff. Occasionally sharing places I’ve visited. These always tend to be more visual posts as I believe photographs can tell you enough of what you need to know about places sometimes. We went to Disneyland Paris for the first time ever last year over Christmas. That’s right, we spent our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Disneyland and it was one of the best Christmases we have ever had! EVER! We’ve all said we would quite happily spend every Christmas there if we could. So here are some photos from our trip. Enjoy!


Seeing the Disney castle for the first time is just the best feeling. It’s incredible. Ava calls it Cinderella’s Castle
The Christmas parade on Christmas Eve – just fantastic. The one in the evening (which I only took a video for) was THE BEST thing I have ever seen. So magical and amazing!
Ava loves Cinderella and Paddy took this photo. She is actually looking at Ava here and she waved and blew her a kiss. Later that night we were talking about seeing Cinderella and Ava said “Cinderella said, Hello Ava” – I could have cried!
One of Paddy’s favourite Disney films is Fantasia so this was incredibly special for him.
Family portrait with the man himself and the mouse of course!
Meeting my hero – Could I BE any more excited?!?
Our Christmas Day Meal at Inventions Restaurant with the character dining. Truly amazing experience. Excellent food.

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  1. Just My Look says:

    Great photos 🙂 I visited in November and had an amazing time, I really want to go back!x



    1. iheartfilmsgirl says:

      Thanks. It is so amazing out there. We have a little trip back booked for later in the year!

      Liked by 1 person

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